Indiana Transition to Teaching Program

Transition to Teaching

Transition to Teaching is a graduate level program designed for individuals who have a bachelor degree from an accredited institution of higher education, and wish to become a licensed teacher. This online program is self-paced, which allows for flexibility as one progresses toward Indiana state licensure.

Students desiring a secondary license (5-12) will complete an 18-hour course of study. Taylor's Transition to Teaching program includes the following secondary content areas: math, English, biology, physical science, earth & space science, physics, chemistry, business, historical perspectives, psychology, geography, economics, government, and sociology. All-grade (P-12) content areas are available in physical education and foreign languages. The elementary (K-6) licensure program is a 24-hour course of study.

Candidates must meet all state licensure requirements of the Indiana Department of Education.

Program Structure
The structure of the program is unique. Classes are either taken in 4 month terms or 15-week semesters, depending on financing. Per federal regulations, students who use financial aid take semester-based classes. Otherwise, you have the option of taking classes within a 4 month term, in which you determine the start date of your classes. You can enroll and begin a course any day of the year.

In either time frame, you can work on a class any time of the day, and never have to be online at a specific time. Courses are taught online in an independent study format (self-paced) through Blackboard, our course management system. While the coursework is completed online, some classes require classroom observations and experiences that are completed in the student’s local community. Also, a ten-week student teaching experience is a mandatory component of both tracks.

More Information
Hear from Transition to Teaching graduates, Colin (elem), Kelly (elem), Miranda (elem), and Myron (HS), as they share about their experiences with our program! For additional information, please read the student handbook or contact:

Dr. Pam Medows, Director of Special Education Licensure Program  Dr. Pam Medows
  Director, Transition to Teaching/Licensure Programs

Leah Kimbrell, Special Education Licensure Program Advisor  Leah Kimbrell
  Transition to Teaching Program Advisor