PHY 119 Physical Science Survey (3 credits)

Course Description

An introductory study of selected topics from the physical sciences of astronomy, physics, chemistry, meteorology and geology.

Learning Results

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will:
• Recognize the basic concepts and terminology of the physical sciences
• Demonstrate understanding of selected topics in the physical sciences
• Correctly and independently solve mathematical problems
• Appreciate and interpret some of the ways physical sciences apply in the world
• Explain from their perspective the relationship between the physical sciences and the Bible
• Demonstrate creative thinking skills
• Demonstrate written communication skills
• Effectively locate and utilize online resources


Learning Documentation

This course consists of 5 module exercises/problems assignments, 5 short research papers, 5 tests, and 1 Faith Reflection Paper.

Learning Evaluation

The module exercises are worth 22% of the final grade, the module problems are worth 11%, the tests are worth 45%, and the papers are worth 22%.  There are a total of 1000 points for the class.

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