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KIN 100 Fitness for Life (2 credits)

Course Description

This course will assist students in developing an understanding of human flourishing founded on biblical principles and scientific evidence in the areas of sleep, stress and time management, nutrition, and various aspects of physical fitness. Students will engage in various assignments and physical activities related to these areas with the purpose of providing the abilities to make healthy lifestyle and behavior choices.

Learning Results

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will:
• Explain the importance of and the need for wellness
• Explain the importance of and the need for wellness in our society
• Explain the connection of faith, health and fitness
• Identify the major components of physical fitness and wellness
• Design and implement a personal wellness program for selected components (with an emphasis on   cardiorespiratory)
• Complete various fitness evaluations and demonstrate an understanding of the relationship of the results to one's level of wellness
• Improve his/her physical fitness level on the selected components
• Explain how wellness can be developed or maintained in the areas related to lifestyle: weight control/body composition, nutrition, and stress management.


This course uses an eText as part of Cengage Learning's MindTap Health. You will purchase access to both MindTap and the eText once you've been enrolled. Details are posted in Blackboard.

Learning Documentation

This course consists of 12 modules with at least one assignment and a test in each, as well as a 12-week exercise log.


Learning Evaluation

Assignments are worth 5 points each, tests are worth 15 points each, and each exercise log is worth 9 points each, for a total of 368 points in the course.

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