Discover the Writer Within You

Writing Seminar: Discover the Writer Within You

Description: Ever thought about writing a novel? Ever wish to write your life story? Ever want to write some articles or even a nonfiction book about your career expertise? If so, please attend this seminar to learn about professional writing as a career and how writers navigate the publishing process. Topics include writing techniques for contemporary readers and manuscript marketing. Time will be allotted for questions and free handout material will be provided.

Who should attend? If you are an adult who is looking for a hobby or a new career avenue or for professional help in launching a writing career, this workshop is for you. If you are a high school student considering professional writing as a possible major in college, this seminar would be very beneficial to you. Registration is required as space is limited.

Dr. HensleyInstructor: Your instructor is Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, Director of Taylor University's Department of Professional Writing and the author of more than 50 published books including novels and textbooks. In addition, 150 short stories and 3,000 magazine and newspaper articles of Doc's have been published in Reader's Digest, Parade Magazine, USA Today, Vital Christianity, and many other publications.

When and Where: TBD, Please fill out the contact form to be notified when a date is set.

Cost: $10

Questions? Contact Noelle Brennan, Online Program Assistant, at