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Tuition is $450 per credit hour. It is due at the time of enrollment, unless the student is using financial aid. There are different parameters for the courses depending on how tuition is paid. If paid by the student, he/she can start as soon as the next business day and will have four months to finish the course.

If financial aid is used, the course must be taken within the traditional fall, spring, and summer semesters in order to comply with federal regulations. Semesters have specific start and end dates. The next start date for students using financial aid is the spring semester, which begins on January 29, 2019.

Financial Aid

There are two potential sources of financial aid for students accepted into Taylor University's online Transition to Teaching program. Both are student loans and are briefly described below. Students are encouraged to research each source further.

Federal Stafford Student Loan
     • Accepted into the program
     • Submitted a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) - Taylor University code is 001838.
     • Enrolled at least half-time (six hours/semester) in courses required by the state teacher
        certification program*
     • No student loans in default status

     • Loan repayment deferred until student is no longer enrolled at least half-time
     • Attractive interest rate
     • Federal government may pay loan interest while student is in school which is determined by the
        level of financial need based on the FAFSA
     • Eligible students are guaranteed loan funds

*Note: Courses outside the specific state requirements, even if recommended by Taylor (i.e. undergraduate prerequisite courses), cannot be considered when calculating the student's Federal Stafford Loan eligibility nor can they count toward the student's half-time enrollment status.

Alternative Student Loan Programs
     • Accepted into the program
     • Enrolled at least half-time (some exceptions)
     • Subjected to loan application process which typically requires a co-signer and a credit history report

     • Loan repayment deferred until student is no longer enrolled at least half-time
     • Low interest rates though not as low as Federal Stafford Loan
     • Student is responsible for all interest payments

Additional Steps
Current students can view personal financial aid information on the student portal at https://myfa.taylor.edu. The student will need to enter his/her Taylor student ID number and the first eight digits of his/her social security number as the PIN to log in. On the portal, the student will need to complete various steps depending on which loans he/she wants including: apply for the loan, complete entrance counseling, and sign the master promissory note. Aid cannot be disbursed prior to the completion of the appropriate steps.

For more information, please contact the Financial Aid Department at 765-998-5358.