Transition to Teaching elementary classroom

Admissions Process

The process for applying to Taylor University's online Transition to Teaching program requires submission of the following:

   1.  Transition to Teaching Application
   2.  College transcripts*
   3.  Criminal background check completed within the last 12 months
   4.  Application fee: $100 (Pay by credit card or check)
   5.  If desired, apply for federal financial aid: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Prior to formal admission into the program, the following items must be completed:

   1.  CASA test passed at state qualifying scores.
          (Praxis I taken and passed before August 31, 2013 will also be accepted.)
   2.  Pearson content area assessments passed at state qualifying scores.
          (Praxis II taken and passed before May 31, 2014 will also be accepted.)

*Official Transcripts

Are sealed documents sent directly from the institution to the Taylor University Education Department. Photocopies or previously opened documents are not accepted.

Mail transcripts to:
Taylor University, Education Department
ATTN: Transition to Teaching Director
236 W. Reade Avenue
Upland, IN 46989