Special education licensure program

Mild Intervention Licensure Tests

Content Area Assessment: Subject assessments measure your content knowledge of the subject(s) you will teach. To add this special education content area to a teaching license, you must take and pass the following test after you complete your courses:
            (025) Exceptional Needs – Mild Intervention
You are also required to pass the following:
            (064) Exceptional Needs – Mild Intervention: Reading Instruction
However, if you have passed any of the following, you are not required to take (064):
(014) Early Childhood Generalist – Subtest 1: Reading and English Language Arts
(060) Elementary Education Generalist – Subtest 1: Reading and English Language Arts
(038) Reading

More Information
For additional information, contact any of the following:
Mrs. Kim Overbey, Director of Teacher Certification, 765.998.5286, kmoverbey@taylor.edu
Dr. Pam Medows, Director of Licensure Programs, 765.998.5145, pmmedows@taylor.edu
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