Student earning college credit through online dual credit courses

Structure & Time Commitment

The structure of our online courses is very flexible and requires a student to be self-motivated and disciplined in order to succeed. These are college courses, and are not modified in any way for high school students.

The courses are offered in an independent study format, which means there is only one student in the class. He/she completes assignments at his/her pace while working one-on-one with the professor. There are no assignment due dates enforced by the professor. The coursework is due four months from registration, but can be completed early.

The standard formula to determine the time investment for a class is to multiply the number of credit hours by 3, and that total by 15 (which represents a traditional 15 week semester). For example, a 3 credit hour course will require about 135 hours of work total – 9 hours a week over 15 weeks. Another recommendation for success is to establish your own assignment due dates throughout the 4-month timeframe.