Student earning college credit through online dual credit courses

Choosing a Course

Our suggestions:
     • Browse the 110 courses in the catalog.
     • Take a 100 or 200 level course (versus 300 or 400), which indicate academic rigor.
     • Keep your long-term plan in mind. Future TU students, see what our registrar recommends for you! 
     • Stick to general education classes such as history, literature, and sociology.


See what other high school students are saying about our online courses!

HIS124 History of the United States to 1877
Jessie: "I really enjoyed this class and I feel enriched by my experience."

Kathryn: "The professor gave good feedback that was very helpful. He was funny too, in his responses. He was very 'to the point' and clear. My parents really liked his challenging me and what they saw me accomplish because of this professor."

Micah: "Dr. Baker's comments were well put and adequate. Never did I feel overwhelmed with criticism, but Dr. Baker's comments were well put and edifying. He was quick and efficient in responding. I would highly recommend this course."

Ian: "My knowledge base has grown exponentially because of the course, and I have been able to take a glimpse into Taylor academics. The instructor was nice and the environment was comforting and encouraged a positive learning experience."

PSY100 Introduction to Psychology
Laura: "Without exact deadlines, it was a bit hard to keep motivated, but this course helped prepare me for experiences I will probably have next year in college."

Micah: "I loved how Dr. Maloney incorporated the Christian worldview with a secular textbook. This highly enforced Taylor's view of faith and learning. The assignment questions were poignant and informative. Restating facts alone would not fully answer each question, and I enjoyed having to think through problems. I feel like this method teaches me the most about a subject. Overall, I found this course enriching and thought provoking."

ACC241 Accounting Principles I
Rica Colene: "Online study is for people who are disciplined in accomplishing their goals. It is also very convenient and the person can work at his own pace. I love it, this is really for me. My instructor was very understanding and helpful, which helped ease my worries cause this is my first time to study online. My experience studying online was very meaningful and I learned a lot of new things."

ENG240 American Literature
Kimberly: "As a result of this course, I've learned to think more critically, and analyze pieces of literature much more creatively than I had ever before. Mrs. Fagan was extremely helpful and prompt in both grading my assignments and answering questions regarding the assignments, which I am so thankful for! I knew I wouldn't have to wait around for any answers, which helped this course go smoothly and efficiently. Thank you so much!"