Student earning college credit through online dual credit courses

Online Dual Credit Courses

High school juniors and seniors (students 16 to 19 years old) can get a head start on college by taking online dual credit courses from Taylor University Online. Students are welcome to take any of our 110 courses (view course catalog) and may take up to 24 credit hours prior to high school graduation. These college courses can simultaneously count as high school credits, as determined by guidance counselors or homeschool parents.

Taylor University Online does not have a vetting process for high school students. We trust in the discretion of the student and parents as to whether the student is prepared to take a college course. The structure of our online courses is very flexible and requires a student to be self-motivated and disciplined in order to succeed. The biggest difference between high school and college courses is the shift in responsibility of learning from the teacher to the student, and our course structure accentuates this shift. The flexibility of our online dual credit courses is a first taste of the freedom college allows and the discipline and self-motivation it requires to succeed at this level.

Please follow the link for our recommendations and testimonials from other high school students on which online dual credit courses to choose. And, contact our High School Advisor, Noelle Brennan, with any questions!

Noelle Brennan

  Noelle Brennan
  High School Advisor

Course Structure

The online dual credit courses are college courses. They are not modified in any way for high school students. Courses are taught online through Blackboard, our course management system. All of the course information is accessed through Blackboard, which also serves as a communication platform.

The courses are offered in an independent study format, which means there is only one student in the class. He/she completes assignments at his/her pace while working one-on-one with the professor. There are no assignment due dates enforced by the professor. The coursework is due four months from registration, but can be completed early. Students can register and begin a course any day of the year through our open enrollment system.

Enrollment Procedure

To take an online dual credit course, simply fill out the enrollment form on the website and enter “homeschool” or the name of your high school in the “current school attending” field. Upon submitting an enrollment form and paying tuition, the student will be registered for the class and able to begin coursework the following business day. He/she will receive an email from the office with information regarding how to begin the course, including: a username, password, and instructions for how to login and navigate the course.


High school students receive a reduced tuition rate of $200 per credit hour. The regular tuition rate is $400/hour. The discount does not apply to professional writing courses taken in conjunction with the Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild.

Due to system limitations, your credit card statement will reflect a pending charge for the full tuition amount. We will change the amount to be charged to the discounted rate, and it will settle appropriately on your statement. Please contact our office if you have questions regarding this at 800-845-3149.

Though textbooks are not included in the price of tuition, it is possible to find used books for most of the classes, and for your convenience our website links to Amazon.


Taylor University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association. The virtual campus is also affiliated with the Association of Christian Continuing Education Schools and Seminaries as well as the Indiana College Network. 

Credits earned by taking a dual credit course are transferable to other higher education institutions. You will need to request a transcript in order to transfer the credits.