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COS 101 Information Technology Concepts (2 credits)

Course Description

The course focuses on practical understanding and application of computing technology in educational and small business or organizational environments. Specific topics addressed include an overview of operating systems, application software, computing hardware, telecommunications, networking, and information management systems and analysis. In addition, it heavily emphasizes the impact of technology on modern society, and the ethical issues related to use of information and communication systems. 

Learning Results

Upon successful completion of this course:
• The learner will recognize the fundamental ideas and terminology of computer hardware and software systems and adapt them to other academic and vocational situations requiring computing knowledge and skills. (TERMINOLOGY and FOUNDATION).
• The learner will discover how to use and implement features of common software packages through hands-on exercises and assignments. (APPLICATION)
• The learner will develop an awareness of computing and information system practices, standards, and ethical constraints, and assess their impact on society. (ETHICS and SOCIAL ISSUES)
• The course is also intended to encourage the earner to develop a personal relationship with God and demonstrate a commitment to an exemplary CHRISTIAN LIFESTYLE, including the use of information technology and computer systems.


When ordering "Using Information Technology," please make sure you've selected ISBN 978-0-077470678.

Some exercises may require use of Office productivity software (Microsoft Office or equivalent).

Learning Documentation

This course consists of 3 written exercises, 8 quizzes, 8 learning labs, 4 discussion board posts, and a final exam.

Learning Evaluation

Each written exercise is worth 50 points, the quizzes are worth 20 points each, the learning labs are worth 25 points, the discussion board posts are worth 50 points, and the final exam is worth 250 points, for a total of 1000 points possible.

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