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SOC 313 Statistics for Behavioral Science (3 credits)

Course Description

The major concepts covered in the class will be descriptive statistics, basic probability theory, and inferential statistics. Demonstrations of Microsoft Excel competency will be assigned for each segment of the class.

Learning Results

This course will enable the student to:
• Understand basic statistical information contained in research papers
• Perform basic descriptive statistical operations on their own data
• Perform basic inferential statistical operations on their own data
• Think critically about the appropriateness of certain statistical tools for various methodological situations
• Draw appropriate conclusions from a variety of statistical analyses
• Connect principles learned in this class to various aspects of their Christian faith


Learning Documentation

This course consists of 8 assignments, which are divided into 4 modules, and 4 exams.

Learning Evaluation

Each module ranges from 20 to 40 points, and the exams are 100 points each for a total of 530 points possible.

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