Education - Teaching about Magnets

EDU 260 Educational Psychology (3 credits)

Course Description

This course focuses on the study and application of learning theories and psychological concepts & principles to the teaching-learning process.  Some topics include developmental stages, age-level characteristics of students, gender differences, learning styles, contemporary views of intelligence, effects of ethnicity & social class on teaching and learning, principles of multicultural education, the teacher’s role in accommodating special needs in the regular classroom, learning theories, various instructional approaches, theories of motivation, and various types of assessment (including standardized and high-stakes tests). There is an emphasis on reflective teaching and learning.

Learning Results

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:
• Discuss teaching models and theories of learning
• Explain, compare and contrast developmental theorists.
• Explain how children learn and develop intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.  (INTASC 2)
• Explain how students differ in their approach to learning related to culture and socioeconomic status.  (INTASC 3)
• Define and apply principles of assessment.  (INTASC 8)
• Describe issues related to special education.  (INTASC 3)
• Write appropriate objectives and lesson plans.
• Explain, analyze and portray different approaches to teaching and learning.
• Define and analyze issues related to motivation and achievement.
• Learn to integrate and analyze the course material, theories, and issues from a Biblical worldview.


Learning Documentation

This course consists of assignments, journal entries, exams, reading and quizzes, and a final exam.

Learning Evaluation

The assignments are each worth 10-25 points, the journal entries are worth 7-10 points each, the exams are each 50 points, the reading/quizzes are worth 100 points, and the final exam is worth 75-100 points.  There is also an online folder worth 20 points which is due at the final, for a total of approximately 800 points for the class.

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