BIO 106 Human Biology with Lab (4 credits)

Course Description

Human Biology is an introduction to the structure and function of the human body. This course will focus on the anatomy and physiology of human cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, and the whole organism. Practical health applications will also be explored.

Learning Results

• Human Biology attempts to provide students with a deeper appreciation of themselves as unique organisms while recognizing the characteristics they share with other humans and living things.
• To provide a basic understanding and working knowledge of the human body by studying the anatomy and physiology of human tissues, organs and organ systems.
• To demonstrate a knowledge of the major diseases of humans.
• To demonstrate a knowledge of the components of individual health.
• The course seeks to enable students to develop skills in acquiring reliable scientific information and thus promote lifelong learning. 


Required lab kit:  order from eScience Labs.  Go to, create a student account, click "Have a Code" and use course kit SKU KIT5155.  Approximate cost of the lab kit is $180.  More specific instructions are found within syllabus.

Optional text:  Starr, E. and B. McMillan. Human Biology, 8th ed. Brooks/Cole Publishing.

Learning Documentation

This course is divided into 17 modules and consists of labs, journal entries, quizzes, and exams.

Learning Evaluation

The lab journal is worth 150 points, the quizzes are worth 200 points, and the exams are worth 300 points, for a total of 650 points.

Order Textbooks

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