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SOC 220 Ethnic and Minority Issues (3 credits)

Course Description

Films are ways of looking at the social constructions that pattern our lives and provide us with glimpses into the forces that shape our social world.  Films tell stories -- stories of identity, interaction, inequality, and institutions.  In this class, students will watch, discuss, process, and deconstruct films using the sociological imagination.

Learning Results

When finished, students should be able to:
Understand the theoretical and conceptual foundations of race and ethnic relations.
Recognize race and ethnicity as a cross-national and global issue.
Illuminate on the structure of social inequality.
Provide a foundation for understanding the techniques of dominance, including prejudice and discrimination.
Describe the foundations of Anglo, Native, African, Hispanic, and Asian Americans.
Discuss the politics of diversity by focusing on issues of religion, class, gender, and multiculturalism.
Recognize how religious ideas govern ethnic and minority issues.
Discern how images of God continue to inform differing visions of civic life and responsibility.
Understand the foundations of racial reconciliation.
Use the power of the media to develop a new understanding and appreciation for race/ethnicity.


Learning Documentation

Students will watch 14 movies and write 7 reflective essays pertaining to the movies and the readings.  There are also 5 participation activities and 1 ethnic autobiography.

Learning Evaluation

Each reflective essay is worth 100 points, the ethnic autobiography is worth 50 points, and the participation activities are each worth 10 points, for a total of 800 points for the course.

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