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MGT 442 Business Ethics (3 credits)

Course Description

A course designed to analyze the ethical dilemmas described in case studies of managers in private and corporate businesses. Studies include philosophical foundations and Christian ethical models for applications and the development of ethical dilemma resolution. Particular business ethical issues are studied that are realistic and relevant to many business professions.

Learning Results

The objectives of this course are:
• To acquaint students with various ethical systems, both philosophical and Christian, so that the student will have a solid foundation with which to analyze ethical issues within the business world, showing that different schools or traditions of ethical systems lead to conflicting conclusions.
• To learn how to critique various ethical analyses so as to understand the philosophical traditions that others are at least implicitly using in their ethical analysis of business situations.
• To develop a solid understanding of a Christian ethical framework, both for the purpose of living and conducting one’s vocation to the glory of God and being able to think through and analyze moral challenges from within a Christian framework.


Learning Documentation

This course consists of 8 case studies, three tests, and one final.

Learning Evaluation

Each test counts as 1/6 of the total grade, the case analyses collectively count as 1/6 of the grade, and the final counts as 2/6 of the total grade.

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