BIB 341 The Gospels (3 credits)

Course Description

This course explores the nature of the Gospel as told in the accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John with an emphasis on understanding the various themes of the gospel writers as they tell the story of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus and his significance in revealing God’s message of salvation.  Attention is given to the literary and theological characteristics of each account while also setting them within the context of both the message of the Old Testament and within first century Judaism.  In doing so, students will learn the basic of gospel criticism.  Finally, this course seeks to relate the message and mission of Jesus to today’s world and our lives as followers of Jesus within the fellowship of the body of Christ, the church.

Learning Results

Students will be able to perform the following based on the accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (referred to as MMLJ):
•  Articulate the primary audiences of each gospel account (MMLJ) and cite at least 10 biblical passages from each account of MMLJ as references to back up their conclusions.
•  Present the theme and theology of each account (MMLJ) in a well-articulated summary as well as provide at least 10 instances for each account that demonstrates and supports that theme.  Students will be able to articulate their reason for using each biblical instance showing how each citation supports the writer’s theme and point of view.
•  Describe the times (Intertestamental) leading up to the days of Jesus’ ministry and how it provided the cultural backdrop for the accounts of MMLJ as they told their stories of Jesus.
•  Defend why the accounts of MMLJ are to be accepted as trustworthy historical biographies of Jesus in light of modern scholarship.
•  Select any given passage from MMLJ and demonstrate how it fits into the author’s overarching theme.
•  Describe the mission and ministry of Jesus including his death and resurrection in terms of the distinctive voices of MMLJ.
•  Relate how the gospel message of MMLJ continues to address the world, the Church, and Christians, demonstrating that the first century message still addresses the current situations of today.
•  Articulate at least four demands the Gospel places upon the church and individual Christians as they proclaim the ministry and message of Jesus in today’s world.
•  Present a working definition of the Gospel and drawing upon it, address issues of discipleship in following Jesus in the contemporary culture.


Learning Documentation

Within the Sections are a series of eight assignments.  The assignments include the following:

  • Videos
  • Readings
  • Writing of Summaries
  • Quizzes
  • An Application Manual
  • The comprehensive exam

Learning Evaluation

Grading Percentages:

Videos                           26%
Readings/Summaries      42%
Quizzes                         12.5%
Application Manuel          7%
Comprehensive Exam      12.5%

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