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SED 220 Exceptional Children (3 credits)

Course Description

This course is designed to prepare the teacher for the challenge of meeting the needs of exceptional children in the regular classroom. A general study of exceptional children focuses on mainstreamed and included special education students. Various topics included are identification of exceptional children, their characteristics and special needs, delivery of services, instructional methods and techniques, and evaluation.

Learning Results

The student will:
Demonstrate knowledge (In TASC 4) of:
1.) the connection between regular and special education.
2.) the relationship between inclusion and least restrictive environment (LRE).
3.) Major development theories (In TASC 1).
4.) Identification, eligibility and placement procedures for special education.
5.) Federal and state laws regarding special education.
6.) Multicultural and bilingual special education.
7.) Various categories of special education.

Demonstrate the ability to:
1.) Plan (In TASC 2 and 7) instruction appropriate to the needs of exceptional learners.
2.) Use various resources (In TASC 8) to meet the needs of exceptional learners.
3.) Interpret basic diagnostic information (IN TASC 6).

Demonstrate the attitude that:
1.) All children can learn and must be given appropriate instruction to foster learning.
2.) The teacher must model acceptance of all learners (IN TASC 2).
3.) The family/caregivers are essential partners in the development of all learners (In TASC 10).
4.) The input of all professionals is necessary to provide appropriate instruction for exceptional learners (In TASC 10). 


Learning Documentation

The course consists of learning activities, 4 module assessments, a reflective interview, case study assessments, a research paper, and a final exam.

Learning Evaluation

Assignments are worth between 5 and 100 points, for a total of 667 points possible in the course.

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