CAC 220 Communication Writing Essentials (3 credits)

Course Description

Practice in the fundamentals of business communication. Students complete a variety of assignments exemplifying the types of writing routinely practiced in business settings—including letters, résumés, news releases, reports, proposals, instructions, and other forms of business communication. Emphasis on real world experience and application.

Learning Results

In the course of this class, you will:
• Refresh your understanding of basic writing and grammar skills by showing competency in practice grammar sheets, as well as worksheets on revising sentences and paragraphs.
• Understand the expectations and etiquette for a variety of business communications and be able to show competence in writing each type of communication; this includes memos, emails, business letters, direct mail letters, news releases, flyers, instructions, and a blog.
• Professionalize your personal social media presence (such as Twitter and LinkedIn), then create a résumé and cover letter to (pretend) apply for a job or internship you will locate by searching various job-search engines. (OR if you are an older student and are already professionally employed, you will create an informal report—choosing a certain type and following the instructions in the book.)
• Complete two major projects according to all instructions: (a) a mock business website and (b) a formal proposal and PowerPoint/Prezi with a script.


Learning Documentation

This course consists of quizzes, Blackboard essays, worksheets, samples of business correspondence, a website project, and a proposal project.

Learning Evaluation

Each assignment is worth between 30 and 100 points, each quiz is worth 20 points, and the projects are each worth 100 points, for a total of 1,000 points in the course.

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