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PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology (3 credits)

Course Description

Introduction to Psychology is designed to provide you with a comprehensive survey of the field by introducing you to its major concepts, theoretical perspectives, and empirical findings.

Topics include worldviews in psychology, history of psychology, current perspectives in psychology, and models of integration of psychology and Christianity.

This course will provide you with a broader understanding of human behavior and how the field of psychology and its study affects our lives.  The topics speak to your own experiences and behavior, and will apply to real world events and issues.

Further, this course is designed for the purpose of laying the groundwork for the study of psychology.  It is intended to give you an understanding of the background and philosophical ideas that influence psychology today. 

Learning Results

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:
• Define psychological perspective.
• Discern how the psychological perspectives influence the collection and interpretation of
psychological data.
• Understand the importance of the history of psychology on the discipline today.
• Understand important psychological concepts.
• Evaluate psychological theories and date in light of biblical revelation.
• Think about various psychological issues that Christians are concerned with.
• Gain an appreciation of the application of psychology to everyday life.
• Become knowledgeable consumers of scientific research in the field of psychology.


The course uses Macmillan Learning, LaunchPad: Psychology in Everyday Life (an online interactive program and e-text).  The student will find specific instructions about ordering this resource within the syllabus.

Learning Documentation

The course utilizes various activities and reading in LaunchPad, as well as three papers.

Learning Evaluation

14 Unit Exams in LaunchPad are worth 50 points each, and three Involvement Activities (papers) are worth 100 points each, for a total of 1,000 points in the course.

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