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PHI 413 Contemporary Christian Belief (3 credits)

Course Description

An engagement with those questions which pose the greatest challenge to Christian faith in contemporary culture, focusing on the strengthening of faith by the Spirit through well-reasoned and prayerful reflection, with a view to enhancing patterns of thinking and living better anchored in Christ, promoting the fellowship of His church and providing for a more fruitful interaction with the world He created and loves.

Learning Results

The objective of all Christian pursuits of truth, goodness and beauty is to honor God and grow in Him through the power of the Spirit, by submitting one’s mind to Christ in communion with His church. We are called to grow together with an openness to the objectives God may have for this course that are as yet unknown to us. The formal objectives of the course are as follows:

• Analyze, with sufficient philosophical rigor, those questions which pose the greatest challenge to Christian
    faith in contemporary culture
• Demonstrate the rational inadequacy of the strongest prevailing arguments against Christian belief
• Provide and equip students to develop their own throughts about the reasonableness of Christian faith
    and in so doing increase our preparedness to give--with gentleness and respect--a reason to those who
• Encourage a more courageous, loving, open, peaceful and fruitful engagement with contemporary
• Participate in the work of the Spirit to strengthen our faith, hope and love; and, thereby to amplify our
    involvement in His service for the building up of Christ-centered community and the abounding of the
    Gospel of His grace to all people
• Enjoy the goodness of God, who has not left us in darkness, but has made himself known in Jesus Christ
    by the Holy Spirit, conveyed through the Scriptures as witnessed by His people


Learning Documentation

This course consists of 40 assignments and 3 exams.

Learning Evaluation

Each requirement is worth 100 points for a total of 4,300 points possible.

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