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ENG 240 American Literature (3 credits)

Course Description

A survey of American literary tradition from its origin to the present.

Learning Results

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:
• Analyze classic American literature.
• Differentiate between stated and implied themes.
• Assess the universality of main themes expressed in American writings.
• Identify biographical factors that influenced the creation of American fiction, poetry and drama.
• Compare/contrast forms of characterization.
• Relate writings to personal/contemporary frames of reference.
• Evaluate works of literary criticism.
• Generate insightful critical responses to writings.
• Interpret and analyze the merits of reading selections.


Learning Documentation

This course is divided into 8 modules covering different time periods in American literary history, and utilizing differing modes of criticism. Each module consists of several writing assignments. There is also a poetry journal and a 7-10 page research paper required.

Learning Evaluation

Assignments range from 50 to 150 points for a total of 800 points possible.

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