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KIN 200 Individualized Physical Education (1 credit)

Course Description

This course provides the opportunity to develop and implement a physical fitness program to meet your specific needs and desires for a healthy lifestyle.

Learning Results

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will:
• Have a working knowledge and understanding of the health-related components of physical fitness.
• Complete a battery of pre and post-tests.
• Identify any components of physical fitness in which he/she may be at health risk as indicated by the
    results of the physical fitness testing and create goals for a 10-12 week fitness program that would
    directly affect those risks.
• Design a personal physical fitness program that will be implemented for a 10-12 week time period.
• Exercise aerobically at least three times per week and document by keeping an exercise log.
• Implement a full body weight lifting program at least two times per week and document by keeping an
    exercise log.
• Demonstrate improvement in his/her level of physical fitness by the end of the course.
• Successfully complete cognitive assignments including a research paper relating to health and wellness
    as well as be able to write a personal reflection paper on the benefit of physical fitness personally.


Learning Documentation

This course consists of 7 assignments including a 12-week exercise program.

Learning Evaluation

Assignments range from 10 to 100 points each for a total of 300 points possible.

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