Red Literature Books

ENG 250 British Literature (3 credits)

Course Description

Explores British literature from its beginning to the present, including a brief historical overview of the development of the English language.

Learning Results

To successfully complete this course, the student will:
• Read texts that span the history of the English language
• Identify major shifts/movement in literature over the course of time
• Become familiar with and use vocabulary specific to the study of literature
• Write intelligent responses to major literary works, quoting and/or paraphrasing to support an original
• Articulate how societal/cultural changes impact literature
• Identify Christian/moral themes in various texts
• Read literature from a wide variety of genres and draw parallels between them


Learning Documentation

This course consists of 10 quizzes, 4 reflection papers, 1 midterm exam and 1 final exam.

Learning Evaluation

Each paper is 50 points, quizzes are 10 points, and exams are 100 points for total of 500 points possible.

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