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MGT 352 Management Analysis & Practice (3 credits)

Course Description

A course designed to acquaint students thoroughly with the theories, principles, and practical applications of management (planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling).  Management principles are learned in the context of a work team developing and administering a business project.  Emphasizes business presentations and written reports involving current, real-life situations.

Learning Results

Upon successful completion of Management Analysis & Practice students will be able to:
• Develop and demonstrate an understanding of the four major functions of management – planning, organizing, leading, and controlling
• Demonstrate servant leadership, teamwork, engagement, and ethical understanding
• Develop and demonstrate project management competencies
• Develop and demonstrate communication competencies


Learning Documentation

This course includes 11 quizzes, 3 tests, 3 current event papers, a management project, and a paper about the management project.

Learning Evaluation

The quizzes and homework make up 10% of the course grade, the current events papers make up 15%of the course grade, the project is 30%, the paper on the project is 20%, and the tests are 25% of the course grade.

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