BIB 210 Biblical Literature II - New Testament (3 credits)

Course Description

A course that includes a foundation in New Testament study with a focus on Jesus Christ as portrayed in the Gospels and Epistles. Also included is a series of explorations into the relevancy of Christ to modern life.

Learning Results

The course is designed to meet the following objectives in whatever Christian tradition the student belongs--Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant.  If the student is not a Christian, then s/he will see why Christians believe as they do.
• Give you an overview of the entire New Testament, thus laying a good foundation for further and more detailed study of the New Testament
• Increase your knowledge of the important figures, issues and doctrines appearing in the New Testament
• Be able to articulate the purpose and message of each book of the New Testament
• Be aware of the “big picture” of the New Testament and to be able to relate the parts to the whole
• Appreciate the significance of the major theological themes in the New Testament
• Develop an ability to take the factual material of the New Testament and to make it applicable to Christian spirituality today.


Optional texts:
• C. K. Barrett, The New Testament Background, rev. ed. (San Francisco: Harper, 1995)
• H. Wayne House, Chronological and Background Charts of the New Testament, 2nd ed. (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2009)

Learning Documentation

This course consists of 10 modules with a combination of discussion topics, checkpoints, internet research projects, quizzes, and papers in each.

Learning Evaluation

Assignments are worth between 50 and 100 points each, for a total of 1,000 points possible.

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