BIB 330 Acts & the Early Church (3 credits)

Course Description

A historical study with particular attention given to the missionary expansion of the early church, the work of the Holy Spirit and the place of the church in the world.

Learning Results

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should:
• Learn the major theological themes that Luke intended to impress upon his audience through the historical narratives that constitute his two-volume composition.
• Gain in depth understanding of the historical importance of the events that led to the spread of the gospel from Judea through Samaria, Syria, Cyprus, Galatia, Asia, Achaia, and eventually to Rome.
• Deepen in their understanding of the dynamics of Christian discipleship, as they apply the teachings of Acts to their own personal lives.
• Gain a broader understanding of the corporate mission of the church against the background of its origin in Acts 2.


A literal (formal equivalent) translation of the Bible is required.

Learning Documentation

This course consists of ten assignments, the majority of which are papers, and one final comprehensive essay exam.

Learning Evaluation

The assignments range in points from 20 to 40, for a total of 260 points.

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