BIB 313 Romans (3 credits)

Course Description

A detailed study of the book of Romans with special emphasis on Paul's purpose in writing the book and the development of his argument throughout the book.

Learning Results

The goals of this course are six-fold:
• that the student learn the meaning and purpose of Paul’s letter to the Romans through careful reading of the primary text of Romans itself
• that the student engage in inductive analysis of Romans
• that the student thoughtfully dialogue with Peter Stuhlmacher’s Romans commentary
• that the student critically interact with the other major commentaries and secondary sources on Romans
• that the student critically analyze N.T. Wright’s synthesis of Paul’s theology in Romans
• that the student articulate their personal judgments concerning the major exegetical issues of Romans itself.


Required to have three English translations of Paul's letter to the Romans

Learning Documentation

This course consists of 15 assignments including papers and study questions, and no exams.

Learning Evaluation

Lesson 1 assignment is worth 50 points, lessons 2-14 are worth 20 points each, and Lesson 15 assignment is worth 40 points, for a total of 350 points possible.

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