PWR 472 Freelance Writing (3 credits)

Course Description

This class is designed to expose writers to the wide range of freelance writing options open to them, along with experimenting with numerous formats and venues of professional writing. Students will be expected to complete their assignments and submit some of them for publication consideration to online and print media.

Learning Results

In the course of this class, you will:
• study examples of and write various types of articles—how-to, art-of-living, humor, roundup, seasonal, and profile. These articles will be 400–500 words.
• study yourself, your passions, and your interests and apply that knowledge to the magazine marketplace.
• determine appropriate publications for each type of article, write and actually send a query letter for at least two of those articles, and write and complete the assigned articles.
• learn how to organize your freelancing efforts, make money, track expenses for tax purposes, and understand the business side of freelancing.

The long-term objective is for students to understand how to take their great ideas, locate a market for them, and then build a database of places for which they can write in the future. You’ll understand how to query and how to submit your articles.


The Writer's Market book must be current (the last year or so).

Learning Documentation

This course consists of 6 articles with accompanying query letters, 5 textbook reflections, an "Assess Yourself" questionnaire, and a magazine and submissions tracker (part 1 and 2).

Learning Evaluation

Each article and query letter are worth 100 points, each textbook reflection is worth 40 points, the questionnaire is worth 50 points, part 1 of the magazine/submissions tracker is worth 50 points, and part 2 of the magazine/submissions tracker is worth 100 points, for a total of 1,000 points in the course.

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