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KIN 100 Fitness for Life (2 credits)

Course Description

This course will assist students in developing an understanding of human flourishing founded on biblical principles and scientific evidence in the areas of sleep, stress and time management, nutrition, and various aspects of physical fitness. Students will engage in various assignments and physical activities related to these areas with the purpose of providing the abilities to make healthy lifestyle and behavior choices.

Learning Results

During the course of study, the student will:

• Explore the connection between faith and healthy living-including physical fitness, health and wellness.

• Explore fundamental concepts of healthy living-with emphasis on various components (overall physical fitness, nutrition, stress and sleep).

• Implement the practice of physical activity on a weekly basis to improve overall health and fitness.

• Complete various physical fitness and health/wellness evaluations and explore the connection between those components and the practice of personal application of those areas for a healthy approach to living .

• Have the opportunity to establish a personal approach to address healthy living at this stage of life and provide a foundation to carry-over this approach to healthy living for the next stage of life.


This course requires a subscription to MindTap and access to the Taylor University Blackboard  (Bb) course management system. MindTap is a digital learning platform linked to Bb that serves as a comprehensive tool to address the components of the class. The MindTap subscription includes the digital version of the text so it is not necessary to purchase a paper copy of the text  unless a student prefers to have that resource also. Instructions on accessing the MindTap subscription are included in the course syllabus. The cost of the MindTap subscription is not included in the cost of tuition.

Learning Documentation

This course consists of textbook readings and post-tests, weekly exercise logs, subject specific activity assignments and lab activities (including those addressing physical fitness components).


Order Textbooks

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