MUS 149 Music Appreciation (2 credits)

Course Description

A major focus of this course is experiencing music.  Written critiques on selected events are part of the course curriculum.  Students will also learn about the elements of music, major instruments, time periods in music, composers, and identification of major compositions.

Learning Results

Objectives of the course:
• To study the elements of music and learn a language for discussing musical works.
• To become familiar with musical styles of various time periods in Western music.
• To bring a Christian perspective to the history of music and understand Western music in a Christian theological context.
• To experience Western music in both recorded and live formats and be able to speak/write intelligently about the experience.


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Learning Documentation

This course consists of 6 tests, 2 concert reviews, a final listening exam, a course-ending survey, and 2 student choice assignments.

Learning Evaluation

The tests are each worth 50 points, the concert reviews are worth 25 and 50 points, the final listening exam is worth 25 points, and a class-ending survey is worth 25 points, along with student choice assignments worth 25 points, for a total of 450 points.

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