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EDU 115 Teaching about Religion in Public Schools (3 credits)

Course Description

Teaching about religion in public schools is constitutional and necessary for a sound education. Teaching about religion is not religious indoctrination or religious devotional exercises; it is fair and objective presentation of the history and beliefs of religions and the study of the influence of religion on human society. This course examines the historical, constitutional and scholarly foundations for such teaching. It explores how teachers can practically incorporate teaching about religion into their classes in a constitutionally and age-appropriate manner.

Learning Results

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:
• Describe the development of religious liberty from the 1500s to the present
• Identify the important constitutional cases having to do with religion in the public schools
• Articulate and analyze the arguments of various people and organizations on the debate over religion in public schools
• Summarize current law with reference to religion in public schools and articulate his/her view of the role of the Christian in public education
• Describe the various philosophical contexts in the debate over religion in public schools
• Articulate a Christian view of religious liberty and relation of church and state using biblical and Christian perspectives
• Demonstrate practically how the study of religion can be included in the school curriculum
• Critique curriculum or textbook presentations for their religious content
• Identify and evaluate resources that will assist him/her in further incorporation of religious topics into his/her curriculum


Learning Documentation

This course consists of 9 assignments, and no exams.

Learning Evaluation

The assignments range in points from 25 to 100 for a total of 500 points possible.

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