Education - Teaching about Magnets

EDU 290 Social Studies, Science and Math for the Preschool and Kindergarten Classroom (3 credits)

Course Description

The many areas of the child’s immediate world including development of positive self-concepts, which are then broadened to a worldview, are studied in this course.  Various teaching approaches are utilized to help children become aware of the home, family, and aspects of cultural and ethnic influence within their communities and how these affect values, standards and morals within their homes and schools.  The past, present, and future areas of science and mathematical readiness are all viewed as aids in developing this world view.  Weekly observation of and participation with children in preschool, kindergarten, and Head Start classrooms help students become aware of meaningful teaching modes and methods of the areas covered in this course along with the wide range of student abilities within these classrooms.

Learning Results

Upon successful completion of this course:
• The students will gain knowledge of and the competencies needed to teach different areas and approaches of social studies, mathematical and scientific concepts to young children in the preschool/kindergarten classroom.
• The students will develop an awareness of the methods needed to aid in developing children’s self-image, numberness, scientific concepts; including children of other cultures and those with various learning abilities.
• The students will participate weekly in a field experience classroom that will help their understanding of how children differ in their approaches to learning.  Each student will carefully create instructional opportunities in science, social studies and math for diverse learners within their classroom.


Learning Documentation

This course consists of reflective assignments, module summaries, two exams, a 5-day unit of study, and a 36-hour field placement in a preschool, Head Start, or Kindergarten classroom.

Learning Evaluation

Assignments are worth between 15 and 200 points, for a total of 780 points possible.

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