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MGT 431 Project Management (3 credits)

Course Description

This course presents the specific concepts, techniques and tools for managing projects effectively. The role of the project manager as team leader is examined, together with important techniques for planning, scheduling and monitoring successful projects through the project life cycle. Case studies and projects are combined to develop skills needed by project managers in today’s environment. In addition, special emphasis is placed on managing technology related projects, leading to the potential for obtaining industry certification in project management.

Learning Results

The student who successfully completes Project Management should gain an increased understanding of both the need for project management in business and how to successfully manage projects. Specifically, students will:
• Demonstrate an understanding of the project environment, life cycle, and project selection & approval
• Demonstrate the role of the Project Manager in the successful initiation and completion of a project.
• Demonstrate an understanding of, and make appropriate decisions concerning organizational structure
    and roles of project participants.
• Demonstrate skills in forming and developing a project team.
• Develop and integrate core management plans needed for a project (scope, quality, schedule, budget &
    cost, and communication).
• Demonstrate an understanding of the phases of the project life cycle and the tools, techniques and issues
    involved for monitoring and control.
• Effectively use project management software to support project management functions.
• Demonstrate an integration of biblical and ethical principles into project management decision making.


Learning Documentation

This course consists of 9 assignments, 15 chapter quizzes, and a final exam.

Learning Evaluation

The assignments range in worth from 10 to 300 points (though the majority are 50 points), quizzes are 20 points each, and the final exam is 150 points for a total of 1,200 points possible.

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