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SWK 200 Explorations in Social Work (3 credits)

Course Description

This class is an initial exposure to the field of social work by exploring what social workers are, what social workers do, and the settings in which they work. Examination of the knowledge, value and skill base, practice settings, education and career opportunities, and the interrelationships between social work and social welfare in the United States.  Opportunity is given for the student to explore his/her own interest in and potential for a career in social work.  Service learning component provides interaction with a variety of community based agencies. 

Learning Results

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:
• Demonstrate and articulate an introductory knowledge of basic social work settings, systems, fields, levels
    of social work practice, the planned change process and social work career opportunities.
• Integrate their personal values with their professional values and ethics within various settings, programs
    and classrooms at a beginning generalist level.
• Understand social justice issues.
• Demonstrate critical and creative thinking skills to expand and actualize their vision of wholeness to self,
    others, community and society.
• Use effective written and oral professional communication skills.


Learning Documentation

This course consists of 10 assignments, a faith integration paper, and a final project. It also requires 15 hours of volunteer work.

Learning Evaluation

The final grade is figured by:
Service learning: 30%
Final project: 20%
Assignments: 30%
Faith integration paper: 20%

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