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MKT 445 Best Practices in Marketing (3 credits)

Course Description

The dynamic business environment requires marketing professionals to continually reassess their position relative to changes in the industry. This course is intended for senior marketing majors preparing to embark on a career in marketing. It will acquaint learners with the best thinking and practice currently being pursued by leading organizations. The course modules are designed to instigate critical thinking on case studies, solve problems, and address discussion questions from the reading materials.

Learning Results

The purpose of this course is for learners to:
• Exhibit an understanding of the “best practices” in marketing,
• Demonstrate a deeper perception of the values and practices of ethical marketing,
• Differentiate between marketing management mistakes and marketing successes through implementing effective marketing principles, and
• Portray strong knowledge of Internet marketing plans and strategies for goods and services.


Learning Documentation

Assignments include course reading journal responses, an ethical marketing audit analysis, course reading discussion questions, 12 case studies analyses, and an Internet marketing plan.

Learning Evaluation

The assignments are worth between 5 and 50 points each, with the marketing audit analysis worth 80 points and the Internet marketing plan worth 100 points, for a total of 1000 points for the course.

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