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MGT 201 Introduction to Business (3 credits)

Course Description

Students learn the foundational concepts of establishing and operating successful ventures in the highly competitive global economy. The business major as well as other disciplines are exposed to key business leadership principles, strategies, technologies and disciplines used in the 21st Century enterprise, through a combination of case analysis, projects and simulation exercises.

Learning Results

Upon completion of this course, students will demonstrate ability to:
• Identify and differentiate the major business disciplines of accounting, economics, finance, marketing, and management-leadership in the context of a global business environment 
• Exercise the disciplines through launching a simulated new venture
• Identify the interrelationships among and the necessity for an integrated approach to developing effective organizations capable of generating shareholder or constituent value
• Employ business research techniques
• Identify biblical and ethical principles in decision making


In addition to the listed textbooks, students will need to purchase:

Marketplace Simulations web-based business fundamentals simulation. http://www.marketplace-simulation.com/business-fundamentals. Estimated Price $45.  More information can be found within the syllabus.

Learning Documentation

This course consists of 22 assignments and 8 tests. 

Learning Evaluation

Assignments range from 20 to 100 points and the tests are 15 points each for a total of 880 points possible.

Order Textbooks

Textbooks are not included in the cost of tuition. Click to find a complete list of textbooks. For your convenience, each book is linked to where it's sold on Amazon, though you are welcome to purchase books from the vendor of your choosing.