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ITB 375 International Business (3 credits)

Course Description

An in-depth examination of business practices in other countries, leading to a better understanding of intercultural relationships with trading partners, investors and host countries.

Learning Results

• Develop and demonstrate an understanding of the global environment – history, culture, economics, alliances/relationships
• Develop and demonstrate an understanding of how business issues (e.g., management, operations, human resources) are impacted by the global environment
• Develop and demonstrate an understanding of specialized topics in international business (e.g., international trade, currency exchange, foreign direct investment)
• Demonstrate global perspective and ethical understanding
• Develop and demonstrate written and oral communication competencies


Learning Documentation

The class consists of three exams, a Country Research Report, Case Analyses, quizzes, and Country Events assignments.

Learning Evaluation

Three exams make up 30% of the course grade; the Country Research Report makes up 30% of the course grade; the case analyses make up another 30% of the course grade; and the quizzes and Country Events assignments make up 10% of the course grade.

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