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ANT 200 Cultural Anthropology (3 credits)

Course Description

Comparative study of human cultures (past and present): technological, economical, political, religious, kinship and family systems with examples from selected cultures throughout the world. Topics include cultural change, worldview and perception, and Christian applications such as cross-cultural communication of the gospel. The course will present a Christian perspective on anthropology and an anthropological perspective on Christianity.

Learning Results

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:
• frame global issues within an anthropological framework of cultural relativism and historical particularism;
• explain cross-cultural concepts in terms of the major theoretical frameworks of anthropology;
• examine another culture in terms of its core elements, as perceived and organized by anthropologists;
• conduct yourself ethically when engaged in anthropological inquiry or intercultural research;
• reflect on your own culture analytically with an anthropological perspective;
• and relate a Christian outlook and an anthropological mindset within a coherent worldview.


Learning Documentation

This course consists of 2 papers, 2 Wiki entries, 2 Journal entries, 1 Fieldwork simulation, 3 Practical assignments, and 5 exams.

Learning Evaluation

Each assignment is worth between 25 to 75 points, with the exception of the Fieldwork Simulation which is worth 250 points, and the exams are 75 points apiece (100 for the Final Exam) for a total of 1000 points possible.

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