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ACC 242 Accounting Principles II (3 credits)

Course Description

Continuation of ACC 241.  Accounting problems and procedures pertaining to corporations are studied.  Also studied are various accounting procedures and reports used by management in acquiring fixed assets, budgeting and controlling manufacturing and departmental operations, reporting financial conditions, and analyzing the results of operations.

Learning Results

The primary objective of the second course in accounting is for students to continue learning about accounting as an information development and communication function that supports economic decision-making.  This objective will involve the acquisition of skills, knowledge and professional orientation to support life-long learning.  This will result in students:
• Learning accounting knowledge for the basic business organizations
• Learning managerial techniques and skills using financial information
• Developing the ability to think, analyze, adapt and apply accounting knowledge in new situations.


WileyPlus:  You must have access to WileyPlus in order to complete the assignments.  If your textbook does not have the WileyPlus access card, you may order it separately by going to their website:   Note that WileyPlus includes access to an online version of the textbook, so purchase of the print version is optional.

Learning Documentation

This course consists of 12 quizzes, 12 homework assignments, and 3 exams.

Learning Evaluation

Each quiz and homework assignment is worth 10 points, and the exams are worth 100 points each, for a total of 540 points possible.

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