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SWK 320 Unleashing the Oppressed (3 credits)

Course Description

This course is designed to provide the student with the necessary knowledge, values, and skills to empower people who fall into “at-risk population” groups.  These groups who are at-risk for prejudice and discrimination typically include mental disability, physical disability, developmental disability, women, elderly, sexual orientation, and religious diversity.  The student has the opportunity to meet and learn from people who are members of several of these diversity groups.  Service learning component creates opportunities for direct involvement with these population groups.

Learning Results

Upon successful completion of this course:
• Students will be exposed to a variety of viewpoints, experiences and opportunities in the classroom, department and external settings.
• Students demonstrate the ability to use effective oral professional communication skills.
• Students will have a comprehensive understanding of social justice issues.
• Students are able to integrate their personal values with their professional values and ethics within various settings, programs and classrooms at a beginning generalist level.
• Students will participate in external learning experiences that integrate learning in the community, promote awareness of professional or community issues and develop a commitment of service to others.
• Students will holistically integrate theory, practice, beliefs and values while recognizing and responding to human systems in need.
• Students will demonstrate critical and creative thinking skills to expand and actualize their vision of wholeness to self, others, community and society.
• Students will master and integrate the knowledge base regarding human behavior and the social environment and social policy.
• Students will demonstrate professional conduct.
• Students will demonstrate understanding of and tolerance for differences based on gender, ethnicity, religious creed, sexual orientation and age.
• Students will competently link people with systems that provide people with services, opportunities and resources.


Learning Documentation

This course includes:  Module Discussion Questions, a textbook response paper, a Service Learning Project, a Service Learning Summary Paper, and a Final Paper.

Learning Evaluation

The final grade is figured by:
Module Discussion Questions 30%
Textbook response paper 10%
Service Learning Project 30%
Service Learning Summary Paper 20%
Final Paper 10%

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