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IAS 403 A Christian Worldview (4 credits)

Course Description

A foundational course designed to introduce students to the Christian worldview. Attention is given to the definition, function, formation, and evaluation of worldview. The course then explores significant biblical and theological perspectives on the ultimate issues of life, including God's purposes for humans, the reality of sin, God's redemption of humanity, and the ultimate realization of glory. Students will also learn how the church historically has faced these issues and how they have shaped today’s Church.

Learning Results

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will:
• Have a clear understanding of the biblical Christian worldview
• Be able to clearly articulate his/her personal worldview
• Be challenged to develop a consistent Christian worldview that will guide them in all manner of life


Learning Documentation

This course consists of 9 assignments and one final exam.

Learning Evaluation

Each assignment is worth between 50 and 100 points, with the final exam worth 100 points, for a total of 800 points for the course.

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