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ACC 241 Accounting Principles I (3 credits)

Course Description

An introduction to the language of business. Financial transactions are analyzed, recorded, summarized, and reported in a meaningful manner to management. Also studied are basic financial statements and the various accounting and internal control procedures for recording and protecting assets.

Learning Results

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will:
• Understand and be able to communicate the "big picture" of financial accounting
• Analyze economic events from an organizational perspective
• Record accounting journal entries
• Understand the accounting process from economic event to communication to the end user(s)
• Gain an understanding of the significance of the matching principle of accounting, and the revenue  recognition principle of accounting
• Create a set of financial statements (excluding statement of cash flows)
• Perform basic accounting functions for service, merchandising and manufacturing organizations
• Use financial ratios to analyze the current financial realities of organizations
• Properly account for cash, inventory, accounts receivable, and plant assets
• Examine the role of one's Christian faith and its impact on the challenges, decisions and opportunities met in accounting


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Learning Documentation

This course consists of 12 quizzes, 12 homework assignments, 2 comprehensive problems, and 3 exams.

Learning Evaluation

The quizzes and homework assignments are each worth 10 points, the comprehensive problems are worth 50 points each, and the exams are worth 100 points each, for a total of 640 points possible. 

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