Associate Degrees


Tuition is $400 per credit hour. The total cost of the program ranges from $26,600 (65 credit hours) to $26,800 (67 credit hours) plus the application fee ($40). There are no other fees. Textbooks are the student's responsibility to purchase, and are not included in the price of tuition.

Veterans, reserves, and active duty military personnel receive a tuition discount at the rate of $250 per credit hour. Learn more.

Scholarship & Grant Awards

The merit-based scholarship and church matching grant are available to degree seeking students only.

Merit-Based Scholarship
This scholarship is available to all students beginning with their second term with TU Online through the completion of their degrees. The scholarship will be based on the student's GPA from the first semester with Taylor and is renewable each year based on the student's cumulative GPA. To be eligible for this scholarship, the student must meet the following criteria:
     • Registered for at least six credit hours in the previous semester
     • Earned a cumulative 3.5 GPA or above
     • Registering for at least six credit hours the following term (NOTE: If the student takes one or more semesters off, he/she will not be eligible for the scholarship the semester he/she returns.)

The award is available to all students who meet this criteria and is renewable with a 3.5 cumulative Taylor GPA. Students are not required to file the FAFSA to receive the scholarship. Taylor employees and their dependents are not eligible for this scholarship.

The scholarship amount will be based on the number of hours a student is registering for in the term the scholarship will be applied, and is as follows:
Hours Registered          Scholarship Amount
6 - 8 hours                          $250
9 - 11 hours                        $375
12 hours and above       $500

Church Matching Grant
This grant allows TU Online to match 100% of a church's contribution, up to a maximum of $100 per semester. The grant is available to all students who meet the following criteria:
     • Seeking a degree from TU Online
     • Taking at least six credit hours within the semester
Interested students should download this grant pledge form. This form and payment are due by August 1 for the fall semester, January 15 for the spring semester, and August 1 for the summer semester. Monies received after those dates will be applied to the student's account without a match from Taylor. Taylor employees and their dependents are not eligible for this grant.

Financial Aid

Students who meet the following criteria may be eligible for financial aid:
      • Seeking a degree with Taylor University Online
      • Enrolling in at least six credit hours
      • Taking courses within a semester (fall, spring, or summer)

The first step to receive financial aid is to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at Step six will ask for the school code of the institution the student attends; the Taylor University code is 001838.

Online students are eligible to receive federal aid including the Federal Stafford Loan, Federal Perkins Loan, and Federal Pell Grant. State aid is not available for online students. The terms for the loans are as follows:

     • Stafford Loan terms: 3.86% fixed rate for subsidized (need-based); 3.86% fixed rate for
       unsubsidized (non-need based); repayment begins 6 months after student graduates or
       drops below half time status

     • Perkins Loan terms: subsidized with a 5% fixed interest rate; available to freshmen and
       sophomores; repayment begins 9 months after graduation or dropping below half time status

Current students can view personal financial aid information on the student portal at The student will need to enter his/her Taylor student ID number and the first eight digits of his/her social security number as the PIN to log in. On the portal, the student will need to complete various steps depending on which loans he/she wants including: apply for the loan, complete entrance counseling, and sign the master promissory note. Aid cannot be disbursed prior to the completion of the appropriate steps.

For more information, please contact the Financial Aid Department at 765-998-5358.