Degree Policies

Taylor University Online upholds the following policies to ensure students are treated fairly and consistently, and to maintain academic integrity. Download the complete catalog to review all of the policies. The policies listed below are the most notable for degree students.

It is the responsibility of the student to obtain textbooks. If the student is waiting for financial aid in order to get books, he/she can request TU Online to order and ship required textbooks on his/her behalf. TU Online will charge a fee of $165 per course, which will be added to the student's account.

Students should request this service two weeks prior to the start of the semester to ensure prompt delivery. If the request is within two weeks of the semester start, TU Online does not guarantee arrival of the textbooks prior to classes starting.

Students who are receiving financial aid cannot purchase extensions for classes taken within the semester. By appealing to and receiving permission from the Director of TU Online, a student can receive an extension of up to, but not exceeding, two weeks. Extensions will not be granted for longer than two weeks. Appeals detailing the extenuating circumstances surrounding the request (i.e. health-related issues, death in the family) should be made in writing two weeks prior to the last day of classes.

Freeze Tuition Rate
A student will lock-in the tuition rate of the first semester in which classes are taken as an accepted degree seeking student of TU. He/she will not be subject to tuition increases as long as he/she registers for 12 credit hours per year. If one year has elapsed since the last registration date, the student will be subject to the current tuition rate upon registration unless the student requested to be placed on stop-out status.

Stop-out Status
A student is considered active when he/she takes a minimum of 12 hours per year. Stop-out status allows a student to take one year off of taking classes while retaining the original tuition rate. If after one year, a student on stop-out status does not register for the next semester, he/she is subject to the current tuition rate. A student should request to be put on stop-out status after completing all classes of a semester.