Students Outside Talking

Philosophy Faculty

Dr. Robert Danielson  Dr. Robert Danielson
  PhD, Asbury Theological Seminary
  MS, University of Kentucky
  MA, McGill University
  BA, Florida State University

Dr. David Diener  Dr. David Diener

  PhD, Indiana University, 2010
  MA, Indiana University, 2008
  MS, Indiana University, 2008
  BA, Wheaton College, 2001

 Dr. Kevin Diller  Dr. Kevin Diller
PhD, University of St. Andrews, 2008
  ThM, Calvin Theological Seminary, 2001
  MDiv, Princeton Theological Seminary, 1997
  BA, Taylor University, 1993

Brent Kelly  Dr. Brent Kelly
  PhD, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2004
  MDiv, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1999
  BS, Multnomah Bible College, 1985


Ryan Pflum  Ryan Pflum
  MA, The Ohio State University, 2011
  MA, Western Michigan University, 2008
  BA, Taylor University, 2005