Business Faculty

Mike Bassous

  Dr. Mike Bassous
DM, University of Phoenix, 2010
  Diploma in Theological Studies, Near East School of Theology, 2002
  MBA, American University of Beirut, 1993
  BS, Long Island University, 1987

Patrick Buesching  Patrick Buesching
  MBA, Taylor University
  BS, Indiana University

Amanda Burge  Amanda Burge
  MBA, Indiana University
  BS, Huntington University


Deborah Hatland
MS, Indiana Wesley University, 2006

Katy Hobbs  Katy Hobbs
  MBA, Taylor University, 2009
  BS, Taylor University, 2007


TR Knight  TR Knight
  MS, Ball State University
  BS, Taylor University, 1993

Dr. Julie Little  Dr. Julie Little
  PhD, Purdue University, 2012

Kim Miller  Kim Miller
  MBA, Indiana University
  BS, Indiana University

Hadley Mitchell  Dr. Hadley Mitchell
PhD, University of Tennessee, 1993
  MA, University of Tennessee, 1985
  MA, Villanova University, 1984
  MAR, Westminster Theological Seminary, 1980
  MBA, University of Colorado, 1975
  BA, Houghton College, 1969

David Poucher  David Poucher, CPA
  MBA, University of North Carolina
  MA, Fuller Theological Seminary
  BS, Taylor University

Doug Read  Doug Read
  MBA, Taylor University, 2008
  BS, Taylor University


Dr. Jeffrey Sherlock  Dr. Jeffrey Sherlock
  PhD, Ball State University, 1997
  MBA, Ohio University, 1990
  BBA, Ohio University, 1988


Dr. Evan Wood  Dr. Evan Wood
  PhD, Indiana State University, 2010
  MBA, Indiana University, 2004
  BA, Cedarville University, 1997


Robert Zimmerman
MBA, Nova Southeastern University, 2000
BS, Metropolitan State College, 1984